Elim Logo Tens of thousands of people attend Elim churches every week with over 550 congregations in the UK and Ireland and links to over 9000 Elim churches worldwide. It is a growing movement founded by Welshman George Jeffreys in 1915. George had been converted and baptised in the Holy Spirit during the Welsh Revival. He began preaching and his fame spread. He was invited to preach in Ireland and it was during this time that he met with other young men who shared his passion for evangelism and belief in the power of the Holy Spirit.  They first called themselves the “Elim Evangelistic Band”.

The first church was established in Belfast and by 1920 there were 15 Elim church and 21 ministers. Through campaigns and outreaches in the coming years, churches were planted in towns and cities across the UK with many miracles taking place and life-changing testimonies as thousands of people were converted. One of these places was Cardiff City Temple where there is still a flourishing Elim church today.

The Elim leaders held the same beliefs as other Christians, but with one important difference. They believed that God’s promises in the Bible about the Holy Spirit and healing were for Christians today and that miracles didn’t stop after the Bible was written. The Elim pioneers had rediscovered God’s power, promised in the Bible to all who would completely commit their lives to following Jesus. Local and national newspapers would feature these meetings as dramatic healings were taking place causing cities to be greatly impacted.

The name Elim was chosen from the Biblical oasis where the children of Israel found shade and refreshment, and also after the Elim Mission which George Jeffreys attended in Lytham whilst studying at the Bible College in Preston in 1912-13.

The first Elim Bible school opened in 1924 in Clapham. They also launched a publishing house and an overseas mission department. Today there is a large theological school called Regents College in West Malvern, Worcestershire, where men and women are trained for ministry. There are Mission works going on in over 40 countries today.

Visit the Elim website at  elim.org.uk to find out more about their fundamental beliefs,   ministries, churches, events and much more.

Their focus is –

Church planting – Elim are dedicated to releasing resources and giftings to mobilise a rising generation to see life-giving church communities established in every city, town and village in the nation.

Develop leaders – Elim have a passion for developing authentic and resilient leaders, enabling them to navigate the changing landscape.

Make disciples – Elim Training provides lifelong development for our leaders. Elim REACH works with local churches to help train, equip and release people into disciples of Jesus.

Reach nations – working alongside our partners, churches and missionaries, Elim Missions are involved in over 40 countries.

Transform communities – Elim serve their communities in providing youth work, debt counselling, food banks and life development courses.